Daily Archives: August 3, 2006

Thirteen Things about Ellen (right now)

    1. I'm pleasantly cool - Thank You, Lord, for the rain
    2. I'm really enjoying my week off, Monday it's back to school (work)
    3. I love my kids - and I'm proud of them
    4. My back yard (still) has a squash, not a watermelon
    5. I haven't had enough coffee today
    6. I've been writing about grace and faith; I'm still amazed!
    7. I had a few moments of panic when I realized that the linkeys really messed up my page
    8. I'm having other "issues" with the site, hopefully I'll get them fixed
    9. I'm a little behind on laundry (most of are, I think)
    10. I still need more coffee
    11. The last "Thursday Thirteen" I visited reminded me that I need to not only read the Bible, I need to choose a few verses to memorize
    12. My cat (Simey) is annoying me today - I think that she thinks she's starved for attention
    13. Right now, I'm going to get more coffee...

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