Daily Archives: August 7, 2006


I've put a very long post on a very long page...to keep it easily accessible.

Once in a while something happens that makes me examine myself and my blog - and also makes me take a look at the blogs I read. If a blog is not uplifting - even if it’s informative - if a blog tempts me to anger, to bad speech, to bad attitudes, I should stop reading it. (an example is one of the blogs that I have purposefully stopped reading - except for the weekly 24 synopsis during the season. It’s a politically oriented group blog and - while it’s entertaining, it appeals to my flesh. I found myself slipping into the attitudes and language; I didn’t like it, so I stopped reading.)

When I have a “hand in” making a conversation go bad, whether on my blog or (especially) on another, that is cause for self-examination.

I invite you to read the whole thing...(sorry, I guess you can stop reading at the "Harris Twins" section" to get a real idea of where I am coming from.