If the Genders Were Reversed…Would It Still Be Funny?

How about the joke:  Why do men prefer smart women?  (A) Opposites attract.

The war on males continues.

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4 thoughts on “If the Genders Were Reversed…Would It Still Be Funny?

  1. The point being that (aimed in one direction) it is tolerated and even encouraged. How many egalitarians opposing abuse spoke up on Denny's blog at J.K.Gayle's little "joke" (that I put in this post)? ZERO.

    That is why I am coming to understand that it is not truly about equality. For some - you - it is. For most, it's all about what "I" can get.

  2. Great point, Ellen. I have always noticed that the scales seemed to have tipped in the opposite direction now in regards to male and female equality. My hubby jokes that in his position (a manager in a large corporation) there is nothing worse than being a white male, and he has spent countless diversity workshops essentially apologizing for his gender and ethnic background. I long for the day when we can all just be united as humans.

    And I'm with Sue. I wouldn't find it funny either way. But I most certainly understand what you are saying, and it is sad that we have gone this far.

  3. I don't think it's "funny" (haha); funny (odd), maybe.

    That's the caption that Glenn Sacks used and I've seen groups of women laughing over such things. It's flat out wrong.

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