The Mood of a Blog…

I'm starting to do this...not only with places I visit, but also my own blog.  What is the "mood"?  I'm all for controversey - iron sharpens iron.  But when it's all about that, moods change.

Look at the last 10 20 posts.

Are the posts (okay, take away the "fluff", which definately has its place in the fun) about what that person believes and feels?  Do the posts challenge you, without being insulting (unless you are insulted because people disagree with you )?

Do the posts primarily tell you what's wrong with everybody else?  This person's sin and that person's heresy?  That can get wearying.  I visit a couple of those because they sometimes have news items that are useful, but I can come away with an eye toward the worst of people, not the best.

I have strong opinions and I want to be able to put forth those strongly.  Positively:  This is what I believe.

I have (and will) at times write strongly about somebody I disagree with, but I don't want the message of my blog to be hate.

And I do see that out there.  One blog, in particular..was started as a (frustrated) response to being ignored and simultaneously attacked - and having their denomintion attacked with falsehood.  Their comments were deleted (as were mine, actually) so this blog was started that (in the earlier times) focused a lot on "this is what ___ has wrong".  I watched to see what would happen and over time it became less of that and more of an apologetics blog, "this is what we believe and the basis on which we believe it".  It is a pleasure to read because (even though I disagree with a few points) it is written (primarily) in a positive perspective - although at times it points back to the original reason for the creation of the blog.  Which is fine, since the disagreement is no longer the only focus, the apologetics contribute much.

Another blog I read...there is no such balance.  Nearly every post has invective in it.  It's in my blogfeed so I get new posts when they come out, but I skim and seldom stay long.  The impact on my emotions is not the best.  (If you think it's you, it mostly likely is not...if you're that curious, ask)
So, there it is in a nutshell.  Test the mood...

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5 thoughts on “The Mood of a Blog…

  1. Given how big the world is, it is amazing that this little corner of the blogosphere is so small. I know the first example and would probably know the second. (but don't tell me)

  2. Hear that sound?? That's the sound of me standing up in front of my computer screen and giving you a big round of applause. Pretty sure that I know the first example that you listed. I don't know which one you refer in your response to sara but there is a blog that I started reading not long ago that also has a negative impact on my emotions, so I really need to stop. I don't get anything from it except negativity and the silent nagging in my head head while I'm reading it about how wrong it is.

    As a side note, I am buying some fiber one today when I go shopping. I even have a coupon!!!

  3. There is one that is anti: Calvinist, tongues, Roman Catholic, complementarian, male leadership in the church, Pentecostal, infant baptism. And more, I'm sure - but it's set up weird and only the latest article shows up on the front page.

    The fiber one "twigs" are good in yogurt - the flakes are good anytime. You can also make fiber one "stacks" with chocolate chips and stuff. (I'll try to track down the recipe if you want it.

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