lunes linage 7/28/2008

The war on men:
A man is called a "pervert" for taking photographs of his own children on an amusement park slide.

Advertisement by the Southern Nevada Water Authority: the Man is watering lawn at the wrong time...(man bad), woman notices and rings his doorbell (woman good) gets good hard kick in the "groin region" (violence against men acceptable to our society).  DON'T MAKE US TELL YOU AGAIN (see the video and listen to the last line)

False allegations of abuse during a divorce...big surprise...children being used as pawns...another "surprise".


Dick Cheney's house (google maps)

Dick Cheney's house (yahoo maps)

Nothing significant...just interesting.  Inside the circle of the google map, details are digitally altered - on the yahoo map, they are not.  Look closer at the area inside the circle.


Lanny Davis:

I remember the exact moment I had my first serious doubts about whether I was 100 percent right that the U.S. preemptive invasion of Iraq and the take-out of Saddam Hussein was a serious mistake. (...)

I just know I can’t get out of my mind that lady with the purple finger held up, smiling into the camera. If getting in was a mistake, then getting out — how and when — is not so simple as long as there is hope that she can some day live in a democratic Iraq that can help America in the war against terror.






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