White Horse Inn – the Narcissism Epidemic

Listening now...

But first!  On my way home from my sister's house...I followed the sign:

Yes...this is the "White Horse Inn"

Now...the show.  (indented parts are what I took from the show, the left justified are my thoughts)

"this" generation is more narcissistic...because the world is more competitive...a little self-esteem is good...lots is better.

And yet, they also seem to be more adrift and "lost at sea" than any other generation.

Those who are truly successful are those who are humble, who get along with others, who are hard working and give their teams credit.

This is a good lesson for all of us to learn...be quick to praise, quick to recognize your own faults.  Play nice with others.

Narcissist don't think they have to study because they're already smart.

Having lived with a person with narcissistic tendencies...golly, he read and studied all the time (the better to show people up with)

Doubting yourself can make you work harder.

It can...or it can lead to despair.  I think it's a fine line.

anxiety and depression are higher than previous generations...focusing on yourself takes away from focusing on others.

Strangely, this generation also grew up with "forced volunteerism" in school - community service for a grade.  It seems that being made to do good works isn't effective.

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