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13- How important is corporate worship? Other participation in church life?

I believe that corporate worship is essential.  I'm at Monroe because of the worship - I came to the conclusion that I can get good teaching on-line.  In the local congregation, I'd rather have good worship than good teaching.

14- How important is it to be part of a small accountability/support group?

It may be different for men's groups than for women's groups.  Women's accountability groups don't work.

I have been in an accountability group that was created for diet (think Weigh Down, only that that).  We talked about sinful eating habits, why we ate the way we did and other habits that were not fruits of the Spirit.

Important?  It may very well depend on the stage of life you're in and what your specific issues are.

More from "Sons & Daughters"

Calling every daughter
calling every son
All who've been adopted
Through a sacrifice of love
There's no need for you to fear
Your debts have all been cleared

Calling all the downcast
Who feel like they're alone
Anyone who's longing
For a family of their own
God's prepared a place for you
He's calling you to...

Come and sing, come and dance
The Father's singing over you
Come rejoice and be glad
For God delights in you.

Not since Derek Webb has an entire CD resonated so well.