Daily Archives: August 29, 2009

Between people who do bad things...and people who are just plain bad.

Okay...two people broke into a house and stole a laptop computer...

on the computer they discovered movies, stills and IM's involving children....so...

they turned it over the police.

These two people were doing a bad thing...and discovered a worse thing...so they did the right thing.

Tom is settling in well...but he's going to run out of cafeteria money before the end of the semester (when they moved him to the upper classmen dorm they took him off the unlimited eating plan, and gave him a card with $700 on it and a kitchen).  He's eating fruit and milk for breakfast (pretty healthy) and he says that the on-campus sushi place isn't half bad.

Amanda is half moved, half not.  She has a cough and wants to go to the doctor, so I reminded her that this is the last month she's going to have insurance.

I've crafted out and need to get back into the swing of taking a little while every day to knit or cross stitch while I listed to podcasts.  I feel better mentally when I have that time to spend doing just that with no other distractions.

A close friend of mine lost two friends and will be attending two funerals today, back to back.  I'll have dinner with her afterward (we go to a steak house that's low-carb friendly except for the wonderful rolls with honey-butter...so I'll save all my carbs for the end of the day)

Henry is staying with me.  I want another heartbeat in the house and a listening hear.  He doesn't talk back much and I have to feed him twice a day...but Amanda can't afford the food and insulin - and the place she's staying already has two cats and I'm not feeding them Iams.