Daily Archives: August 25, 2009

I got my new upper for the dental appliance (the lower has a minimal amount of puppy teeth marks and I've soaked it numerous times in denture cleaner).

Everything fits and the insurance is in the works - we just didn't follow the right steps in the right order so they made the dentist's office go back and do it again.

But I have my appliance.

On the way home this morning I was listening to a past White Horse Inn episode and something really struck me.

(not a direct quote) -

Whatever you preach from the pulpit will be what your church looks like.


If what your pastor preaches is examples from his life, pictures of his family, portraits of his marriage...you are going to have a church that looks JUST.  LIKE.  HIM.

If you preach the gospel...if you hide the man behind the pulpit and preach nothing but the Word, that is what your church will look like.

Monroe doesn't have a lot of depth...but it has a lot of love.  That is what is preached from what substitutes for a pulpit.  And that is what we look like.  We seldom hear personal stories, never see family photos.

We have a pretty diverse church and lots of love.

Update:  what it lacks is the Gospel