a letter to the victims.

A friend and congregant of Wade Burleson committed suicide.  Here is the letter that Mr. Burleson to his friend wrote afterward.

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2 thoughts on “a letter to the victims.

  1. Eloquorius

    Outstanding letter and well said, as expected. But for youth looking to lash out, such words tempt mightily. The though of giving one's parent and (should-have-)loved ones an everlasting pain, stigma and emptiness that can't be filled is to offer some people the opportunity to return exactly what they feel has been inflicted on them -- from their perspective. I know. I was there in my youth. But it's a good letter, and I especially appreciate Wade's assurance of grace, even in the face of suicide. Oddly, what comforted me when I was facing the same in my early teens was a meeting with a local Catholic priest who surprised me by telling me that God would "understand" my suicide; the idea being that I would be forgiven. That's not the Catholic answer and I don't know how he could have given it, but he was the first religious person to tell me anything of God's understanding of our pain and His grace.

  2. Post author

    I thought that you would appreciate the letter. I may not agree with all of Burleson's theology, but I cannot disagree with the heart with which he ministers.

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