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"A Modest Proposal" at Christianity Today.

A couple of thoughts from the article...

egalitarians and complementarians can work together to oppose abortion on demand, an issue on which egalitarians stand together with complementarians against mainstream feminism

I don't know what rock he's been under...It took me about a minute to find the "Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice".

  • United Methodist Church (UMC website officially lists RCRC as an abortion resource.)
  • The Episcopal Church ("General Convention resolutions have expressed unequivocal opposition to any legislation abridging a woman’s right to make an informed decision about the termination of pregnancy)
  • Presbyterian Church (USA) (also lists RCRC as a ministry resource)
  • United Church of Christ (A founding member of RCRC)

What do these churches also have in common?  They are also egalitarian.

There are no complementarian denominations that show up on the members list of the RCRC.

So the author of the article should have said "complementarians and some some/many egalitarians..."


...egalitarians and complementarians can agree that homosexual activity is not a God-ordained lifestyle that should be approved within the Christian community...

Again, the word "some" (some/many) should appear before "egalitarian"...

which brings me to the next link:



"O god of our many understandings..."

Opening inaugural prayer by (gay)(egalitarian)(bishop of the Episcopal Church) Gene Robinson.

Somehow I doubt that Robinson would like to unite with complementarians in defense of life and traditional marriage



Underwater:  possible "stonehenge" in Michigan?



From Huffington Post: Was "Jack the Ripper a Woman?"



The desecration of the American Flag

(HT:  Michele Malkin)



Leaders of the Presbyterian Church (USA) overturned a long-standing ban on the ordination of gays and lesbians Friday, providing yet the latest example of a religious denomination struggling with how, and whether, to incorporate homosexuality into church life.(...)

I feel proud of my church today," said Lisa Larges, national coordinator for That All May Freely Serve, an organization that advocates for gay equality in the Presbyterian church.

Larges, who lives in San Francisco and attended seminary there, has fought unsuccessfully for more than two decades to become a Presbyterian minister.

"I think a generational shift is what we are witnessing," she said Friday. "There is a whole generation coming of age for whom acceptance is a given. The church is beginning to experience that sea change."

No...no slippery slope at all...

And no generational shift, either.