I’m not losing my mind…and you’re not losing yours…

I'm going through a bunch of templates trying to find one that looks good in both IE and Firefox - and that has a sidebar that does what I want it to do. And then...you know...stuff happened.

(In the photo in the header of this one - those are my two kids in the lower left)

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2 thoughts on “I’m not losing my mind…and you’re not losing yours…

  1. I know -- why can't all browsers be created equal? I only discovered "the difference" this weekend, when I downloaded a new WP theme that I absolutely LOVE, and goes with the name of my blog .... only to discover it is definately a Firefox only theme. The author even says so. Normally that would turn me away and I'd keep looking. But. I can't this time. The theme is "that" perfect. I just can not believe the difference in the two. I am definately sold on Firefox now. I like this layout as well. Simple, and yet, very appealing to the eye.

  2. Thank you - There are a few things I'd like to "adjust" - I'd rather have the date and comments at the bottom of the post and a little darker. And some unexpected things mess it up so I need to go slow (and back up often)

    I love Firefox and only use IE at work. Browsing in tabs is the best.


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