Photo Scavenger Hunt: Door

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This was taken at the Franciscan Life Process Center


The Life Process Center is the work of the hands of a group of Franciscan nuns; they run this center, they run a farm, they grow their own food, and they run classes for aspiring artists, as well as sponsoring art like this.

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5 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt: Door

  1. This building is way out in the country in Lowell, MI. A group of nuns run the "Franciscan Life Process Center" and that's where our school district takes kids from the autism program for music therapy.

    They are very art-oriented and always have an "artist in residence" - they have converted an old silo into an apartment!

  2. Oh, interesting. I have seen places painted with scenes like that too. (Well, this is even nicer than the ones I've seen.)

    My photo is up, too.

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