Another First: Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Ellen
13 things I missed (or didn't miss) while the electricity was off:I missed:

  1. my alarm clock with the snooze
  2. the refrigerator
  3. the washer and dryer
  4. the window fans
  5. lights at night
  6. my computer

I didn't miss:

  1. the microwave
  2. the tv
  3. the video game
  4. my cell phone (I charged it in the car)

Things we did that we normally didn't do:

  1. go to McDonald's at midnight to get a cold drink (and charge my cell phone)
  2. read more books
  3. eat out (in the air conditioning)

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5 thoughts on “Another First: Thursday Thirteen

  1. It went off Monday night and came back on late Wednesday night (only two days, but we missed the fans). Long enough to mess up some of the food in the fridge)

    Not very long, just long enough to make us appreciate it when we have it!

  2. It's always a pain when the electricity goes out for any length of time. The longest ours went out was 5 days. I was fine and thought of it as an adventure for the first 3 days then it got old fast. *hehehe*

    My list is up. Have a wonderful day...

  3. I understand your list very well. Usually it takes about five days after a hurricane for the electricity to come on again. After Katrina, it was 10 days I think! I caught up on my reading (when not cleaning the yard), and wrote a lot in my journal! It makes for interesting times! Great TT!
    Take care!

  4. Great list.
    Sometimes it is good to have the power go..
    We had a week long outage once..I still remember..
    My house was full of people because I was one of the few with hot water and gas
    My TT is up

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