A TERRIBLE disappointment at our house


Manda planted a watermelon plant last spring, which died off above the ground, but then recovered a foot away from where she originally planted it. She's babied the thing and taken such good care of it. She was very proud

Today, she ran in and had me come look at her plant...this is what I saw...

It's a yellow squash. Manda's been taking care of a yellow squash. Manda HATES (!!!) yellow squash...

There is much disappointment at our house.

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4 thoughts on “A TERRIBLE disappointment at our house

  1. Especially to a young woman who has never grown either!

    (your link doesn't work - on wordpress I found that I have to post to a flickr account (or some other) and link to that)

    😉 We went to the store yesterday and bought several different "specialty melons" - just to try them...takes the sting out of the squash thing...

  2. I either grill it (with chicken breast and cherry tomatoes) or shred it and make it into sort of a "latke".

    or cut it into strips and eat it raw on salads.


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