Firefox Day!

This is going to sound really stupid...but is there somebody out there who doesn't use firefox?

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6 thoughts on “Firefox Day!

  1. Hi Ellen,

    I sorta don't use Firefox. I mainly use Safari 'cause I'm a Mac user. But I do use Firefox once in a while because there are a few sites like that don't support video clips for Safari, but that's rare.

    What I REALLY want to say is, I really like the direction that you've taken your blog. I've noticed recently that you've switched to WordPress and you've tinkered with your look. I had to add you to Sallie's Carnival sidebar for next week and when I checked to see if the link was properly done, it took me here and my first impression was, "wow, what a gorgeous photo". The whole look of your blog is very classy.

    Here's to asthetics.

    David (Sallie's husband and tech boy)

  2. Thanks - but I didn't do this theme, it's a downloaded one...I change to a new theme every time I do something to mess up the old one 😉

    I've downloaded a few and I think this is the one I like best.

    I do have a challenge, though. A friend bought me dreamweaver...

  3. Ellen,

    Dreamweaver is a whole nother ball of's powerful, but if you've never done any web-coding, it's way more than you'll be able to use effectively. That said, see if there are any college courses using it near you, or get one of the online tutorials for the startups of using it.


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