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I've put a very long post on a very long keep it easily accessible.

Once in a while something happens that makes me examine myself and my blog - and also makes me take a look at the blogs I read. If a blog is not uplifting - even if it’s informative - if a blog tempts me to anger, to bad speech, to bad attitudes, I should stop reading it. (an example is one of the blogs that I have purposefully stopped reading - except for the weekly 24 synopsis during the season. It’s a politically oriented group blog and - while it’s entertaining, it appeals to my flesh. I found myself slipping into the attitudes and language; I didn’t like it, so I stopped reading.)

When I have a “hand in” making a conversation go bad, whether on my blog or (especially) on another, that is cause for self-examination.

I invite you to read the whole thing...(sorry, I guess you can stop reading at the "Harris Twins" section" to get a real idea of where I am coming from.

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4 thoughts on “Rules to Blog By

  1. Okay, read the post.

    I thought the post was excellent, Ellen. I admire your willingness to self exam with a heart towards God.

    I am a straight-shooter. Pre-Christ my straight shooting could take your head off. Post-Christ, I shoot for the big toe.

    The hard part for me is not backing down from the truth because the truth is offending someone. If my method of speaking the truth is bad, then I need to change, but sometimes the truth is going to be offensive and there is not much I can do about that.

    I think I have a better understanding now of why it seems so many Christian women online don't like to debate at all. It's tough. People can get mean and if you stick to your guns and with all your heart know that you are presenting God's truths, you can be made out to look like a judgemental jerk. Then you start questioning yourself and before you know it you convince yourself that it's better not to say anything at all. Just stick with uplifting stuff.

    Okay, so I've now written a post in your comment section, sorry. Thanks for posting this, there were a lot of points that I can apply to myself to do better in the future.

    Now, I know that the discussion on my blog got a little out of hand and after re-reading through it yesterday I realize how bad it was and how I should have moderated. But what I always see in your comments is a love for God's truth and a heart to share it with others. I think that is all the more apparent by this post. I hope you will continue with discusions on my blog. Your knowledge is indispensable in these matters 🙂

  2. Thanks - it always happens and helps keep me very aware of grace. Hopefully, knowing that all that saves me is grace alone through faith alone is all that saves me - makes me more able to be graceful when I do wrong, and helps me forgive when others wrong me.

    (it's the graphics in the sidebar - I added 2 and it messed things up - and it's time for me to head for work. It should be "up there" now, but it's still not "right" near the bottom.)


  3. I used to debate in the forums allot. The problem came when I started questioning my motivations. Was I trying to win people to Christianity through debate? Lets be honest, that isn't going to work. Even when you obviously show an advantage in logic. Was I trying to convince myself by addressing every objection head on? Maybe...but you might be strengthening your faith at the expense of someone else feeling more excluded from Christianity than they already felt. Was I simply showing what a brow wooping I can put on someone in the topic of religion? Sometimes even when I wasn't consciously looking to do this. So I concluded that forum debating was a exercise in vanity for me and I should move on to addressing people who are already pro Christ if I want to do any real good.

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