A while ago (several years) we went to see an exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago on "The History of Chocolate". I was amazed! We are not the only ones who see chocolate as something "sacred". 😉

(The exhibit will be available through 2011!)

I discovered that people have been growing and using chocolate for nearly 2,000 years! (That's beautiful)

The people of Central American and Mexico not only used Cacao (chocolate) as a drink to enjoy (although they did not grow "sugar", so it was a more of a bitter drink, like coffee), they used it for ceremonial purposes - and it was so valuable that they used cacao seeds as money.

If you dare... 😉 take the chocolate quiz...

For us, today - we just like chocolate. (My daughter got some "creme brule white chococlate" - wonderful!) We like it white, milky, dark, extra-dark, solid, liquid and anywhere in between. Sometimes I think that chocolate will make just about anything taste better. A lot of people add cocoa to their chili recipe. We get chocolate from (and give chocolate to) our sweeties - including our parents and kids.

At the risk of offending anybody, this is one of my favorite ways to consume chocolate:

Yes. Chocolate beer.
If anybody out there enjoys an cold brew once in a while, this is very dark (VERY dark). but very smooth...Yes. It surprised me - I bought it out of curiousity, thinking it would be terrible...but I have two favorites, this one and another with chocolate's a beautiful thing.
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7 thoughts on “mmmm….chocolate….

  1. Yum! I've not had the chocolate stout, but my favorite beer is Guinness Stout (preferably right out of the tap in Ireland 😉 and I've always said it has a hint of chocolate. Interesting subject for a museum show.

  2. Trader Joe's carries the bottled version. Beverages & More (aka, "BevMo") carries the "draught can" version. Like the Guiness cans, these, too, have a little ball full of nitrogen that releases when you pop the top. The infusion of nitrogen gives it the creamy texture, just like when poured from on tap. I didn't realize how important texture was in beer until I had the Young's Double Chocolate Stout from the draught can.

    Oddly enough, I've found Young's Double Chocolate in a mom-n-pop liquour store, and in a bar of a german food buffter here in San Jose. So keep an eye out for it and get the draught can, even if it's a buck or two more.

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  4. The history of chocolate is facinating. I read the book "The Emperors of Chocolate" and I enjoyed every minute of it. Very informative lol. I can't imagine a whole exhibit for chocolate! That would be great!

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