Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things that MADE ME SMILE THIS WEEK

  1. Getting enough grants and scholarships to cover most of my tuition!
  2. My son being able to pay for his entire tuition in CASH!
  3. New shoes (definitely new shoes) πŸ˜‰
  4. "All that & caramel" ice cream (Breyer's) with chocolate topping
  5. A very nice comment from a very nice person (he knows who)
  6. Chocolate beer. Yes. See Tuesday's post.
  7. Weather cool enough to use my quilt on my bed at night
  8. Teaching my son how to drive a car with a manual transmission
  9. Getting my son his first car (thus the need to teach him how to drive a stick)
  10. Knowing that Thursday is my last day of work this week
  11. Knowing that we'll only have 3 students on Thursday!
  12. Having my (birth) kids meet my (class) kids for lunch with the "gang"
  13. Paying for my daughter's tuition (that was something that I hadn't planned on, but it means another semester debt-free for her)

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. I didn't learn to drive a stick until I was 29 and bought a manual transmission sports car that I had to drive off the lot! Have a great weekened!

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