Hot on the heals of "Opportunity Knocks".

In between the time that my husband was first diagnosed with cancer and when he died, my mother-in-law also passed away after a years-long battle with breast cancer.

In between the time that my mother-in-law died and when my husband died, Manda's cat (Bongo; named because he played like bongo drums on the dog's head) got a sort of blood cancer that showed as tumors just under the skin. I remember, "even the cat has cancer!"

In the midst of all of the other losses, this was Manda's cat and the rest of the grief that she was feeling ended up being poured into the loss of Bongo.

Yesterday... Manda discovered a growth on Simey's tail - just under the skin.

I took her to the vet today and she thought at first it was a cyst, but it's not fluid filled. She did a needle biopsy and looked at the slides. This is some kind of tumor, the vet says that it looks benign - she's sending it to a pathologist to find out for sure, it will take 5 or 6 days to get the results.

Manda is going to be a mess for the week. Right now she's at Michigan's Adventure - so she doesn't know yet.

Opportunity knocks - so we pray and expect an answer. This family knows that the answer you receive isn't always the one you wanted, but for those in Christ the answer we get is always the answer that is best for us.
Opportunity knocks.

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