frickin lovely. (update, by the way)

there is no "visual editor" - it says visual, but it's html. If I click on HTML, the editor box closes. And it STINKING DOESN'T COME BACK.

If I follow the upgrade directions, it screws my blog (I'd love to use stronger in my office, I am.)

I don't even know if THIS will work

I'm just going to put ALL of the files back and see what happens then


Ok...I backed up MzEllen using WinSCP to my desktop.  Then I updated wordpress.  It screwed my website.  REALLY BAD.

So I backgraded to the old version, got my website back.

Downloaded PHPmyadmin for wordpress (it's a plugin), installed it and tried to run it.

I don't know where the backup goes. the backup sql file on my desktop.

What happens if the upgrade loses my posts?  Can I just use the same backup that I grabbed this morning and put the old version of wordpress up?  Or just replace the .sql (which does not have the same name as the one in the WinSCP window.

I think I read that the new wordpress version has automatic backups and upgrades.  That would be a good thing.

SCREW IT.  I'm leaving it for now.

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