This day…

hard core Atkins day...with a yogurt and fruit at lunch.

going to spend the day looking for waterfalls

  • Alder Falls
  • Yellow Dog Falls
  • Pinnacle Falls
  • head to the county visitor center for maps to more

camping tonight by myself (not the first time but I won't have internet).  Pick up Tom tomorrow night to head up to Copper Harbor, and then Porcupine Mountains.

Drop him off Sunday and then home.

Tom can tend to be quiet and withdrawn.  It's hard for him to make friends.

His the opposite.  He's on the social committee, the welcome committee...the "let's get together and make the outsides of buildings into disc golf targets" sort of ad hoc committee.

I spent about 15 minutes at the dorm before Tom was whisked off to some social event.  he's not going to be allowed to sit in the dorm room and stagnate.  I think with this roommate, the action will come to him.

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