lunes linkage – 8/31/2009

Word for the Day - iPod app

The Greek language of the New Testament is rich in detail, expressive and full of meaning, and, in A Word for the Day: Key Words from the New Testament, J.D. Watson brings New Testament Greek to life. Each devotion in this resource briefly presents a Greek Word (along with its Strong's number and transliteration) and offers a practical application for that particular word...

$9.95 from Olive Tree


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The Health Care Scavenger Hunt

By now, you probably know that House Democrats’ public plan for health reform will threaten your health care choices. But did you know that most members of the House haven’t even read the bill? Well, here at HandsOffMyHealth, we’ve read the 1,000-page plan. And we’ve learned that the House’s vision for “reform” irresponsibly adds more government to health care.


Honey House Naturals - I tried this on vacation and it was great.  I got the lip balm but passed on the bar...I wish now that I hadn't because it would be perfect to keep in my backpack because it can't spill.


And...a recipe for grain-free almond crackers.

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