The Beauty of Play

It's not the play, it's who you're playing with!

Last Tuesday we went to the beach...Lake Michigan has beautiful, sandy beaches!

  • My daughter took along a friend and together with my son, they dug a hole. A really big hole in the sand. They took my plastic tote and filled it with water and tried to fill the hole. Then they played in the water...My two kids are very close (for brother and sister).
  • People look at them and comment on how close they are! They "play" together, whether it's video games, at the beach, on vacation. Play has helped them build a relationship.Water fights, water pistol fights, etc...

    Why does water seem to play such a part in the play in my life? Maybe because there can be so much mischief in water - you see it and you want to splash, to throw it, to play!

    I know that I need more play in my life...or maybe I just need more water...

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    2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Play

    1. Nice that your son and daughter play well together. I'm sure you are to "blame" for that. 😉 I absolutely LOVE water also. You point out a very good reason for that.

    2. My kids typically play well together. It's nice when they do, I would like for them to be and stay close. I agree that company can make all the difference in the world when it comes to play.

      And water is fun :o)

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