CWO – Sew Your Head Back On

"When life whacks you so hard your head flies off, sew it back on and keep going."
~ Mary Pierce ~

The inspiration for this quote came from (basically) "what I learned from my rag doll".

I had a rag doll like that - her name was "Judy". She'd fall apart and get sewn back up; over and over. The thing is, the more I loved her, the more she fell apart; and the more she fell apart the more I loved her.

Sometimes life seems like that. We have a Master Craftsman/Creator who loves us and who picks us up and puts us back together when nobody else can. When we fall apart, that is when it seems that is when we can feel His love the most. And the more He loves us, the more we can plan on needing Him.

Some of us have had our heads sewn on more often than others - and some of us have felt like our heads are only hanging on by a thread...for a very long time.

I used to have a cross stitch piece hanging on the wall of my old house; it was a cat holding a very worn stuffed mouse, "This is Harold, my mouse. He used to have fur but I loved him too hard."

My doll, Judy was like that. I loved her too hard. There have been times that I felt like God was "loving me too hard." But that isn't true.

The more worn Judy was, the more I loved her. The more time I spent putting her back together, the more precious she was. It was that process that made that doll important to me.
I don't regret any of the things that have happened to me; they have worked together to make me who I am: a precious child of the King.

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6 thoughts on “CWO – Sew Your Head Back On

  1. Very nice posting! I love being a child of God! He is always there when I need Him and even when I think I don't He still is holding me up!

  2. "I don’t regret any of the things that have happened to me; they have worked together to make me who I am: a precious child of the King."

    I loved this quote!! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

  3. I enjoyed the analogy of God playing with us too hard :)...but you're right...all those things that whack off our head...are what makes us who we are today..the person God intended. Thanks for that reminder.

  4. this reminds me of a toy my dog used to have.. the more wretched it became the more she loved it...
    and I totally agree.. the more worn I am, the more I think I am loveable.. thanks!

  5. It amazes me how each of us who join in the CWO Quote....can relate to it in such different yet similar ways! Isn't God good to show us all the same thing in slightly different forms so that our peabrains can absorb all of Him? Thank you

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