No Electricity…

Update (Wednesday, July 19) Still no power (I'm writing from work)... 😉

As of this morning (and noon), there was no electricity at our house (or on our block)...big storm last night! We sat out on our porch and watched the whole thing - it was great...

Anyway, there were a quarter million customers without electricity this morning and they're saying it might be Thursday before ours is back on (that means no fridge and no fans...and no washing machine or dryer)

But we have candles, book, Bible and games. Life is an adventure!


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6 thoughts on “No Electricity…

  1. Ooooo! We had a huge storm last night too and were furiously praying the electricity wouldn't go off as it was still 95 degrees. (What wimps we are. In the olden days they just suffered the heat!) Hope all is restored soon.

  2. No electricity can really stink......but it can be an adventure just like you said! A couple of years ago we had a hurricane and were electricityless for a month!! But there was a lot of great family bonding-and some great memories even in the heat!

  3. stopped by because of CWO post....but, my curiousity is up....if there is no electricity at your is your computer working???? LOL

  4. Bernice, I have a computer at work! I share it with a bunch of folks but I can at least get on line once in a while...and it's Wednesday and power is still not on.

    One of the party stores not far from us ordered huge coolers with dry ice so we can keep our food cold - the power company is now saying that for the "little pockets" (us), it could be Friday.

    I'm glad we're going away for the weekend, although not being able to do laundry at home is the pits...

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