Blogging with Gentleness and Respect (rules to blog by)

Yes, this is a very long page. But I am sincere in offering these "rules"

(I turned off comments on the page, but if you want to comment, the post directing you here is here.)


When I have a "hand in" making a conversation go bad, whether on my blog or (especially) on another, that is cause for self-examination. This self-examination comes with a renewed determination to do things "better" next time.

I have a "rough draft" of rules to blog by - I will probably always call it "rough" because I'll need to be able to add to it as a lifelong process. I am by no means perfect - or even close. People have on occasion have called me on it, either privately or on line. I do my best to examine and repent, as needed. Sometimes I feel strongly enough that I "cannot recant" - these are primarily in areas of faith - although if you mess with my kids, all bets are off. 😉

Yes, some of these rules are formed (for me) by the behavior of others. Yes, I am going to use examples, only not by name. Some of these rules are formed (for me) by my own behavior. Yes, you'll probably recognize me.

First off, before the "real" rules, I want to make a couple of things clear.  There are two reasons that I close comments:

  • Personal slams, insults and denigrations.  Debates can be "heated" without being nasty.  Unbased personal accusations have no place here.
  • I know that my God has already won the battle - it is won, whether or not I enter into "this one". There are times when I get to the point where is it more important for me to win, than it is to glorify God. That is when I either back out, back off, or (on my blog) shut it down. It's not because I'm "losing", it's because I'm doing it for the wrong reason.

The "Short List"

  • Adhere to the Harris Twins' Commenting Guidelines, here on my site and here on theirs.
  • Read and be familiar with my personal objectives and expectations. Yes, I do expect people who call themselves Christians to follow Biblical guidelines.  If a you insist on behaving in a way that is offensive, you will be asked to repent of your attitude before commenting again.  If you repeat, I will take whatever steps are available to me that I need to.
  • Don't expext answers to leading questions. However, don't let questions "pile up". Answer questions before asking new ones of your own (exception: if your answer depends on the answer to another)

I primarily use the ESV Bible translation

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