It’s the weirdest thing…

I can't look at blogspot blogs at work (it's ok if we surf appropriately on our break).

Seriously - blogger is WEIRD! It doesn't matter what blog I got to, I get the same blog (but a different blog every day).

Yesterday, it was a photo blog of an extremely(!!!) pregnant woman and today it's a "dstien" - apparently a missionary (Dave Stienstra) to Nicaragua.

I can follow a link to a blogger blog and it takes me to the right page, but when I go to the home page, it goes to Dstien's blog. I type in an address and it takes me to the same blog.

I don't know why it would do this, and it's very consistent.

Just kind of weird.

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4 thoughts on “It’s the weirdest thing…

  1. Laura

    It's funny...I was looking for my cousin Dave's blog and I found this post...I can't figure out how to get to his blog!

  2. Hmm. Very strange indeed. What's even stranger is that I found your post the day after you wrote it! Just happened to be searching for my own name...trying to figure out if I could find my own blog on google. 🙂 To make it a little stranger yet, I'm also from GR and worked indirectly with GRPS last year. Hmm. Think about that... 🙂

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