Letter From My Old Church Board – First Two Paragraphs…

I got a letter from my old church; a reply to my letter (read my letter here).

(There's a question at the bottom that I would dearly love to have somebody on the outside give some thoughts on...)

Up to this point, the differences have been largely about the decisions made by the pastors and elders, concerning who the allowed into their pulpit (guest speakers) and who the built ongoing relationships with. I have not had doctrinal disagreements with what I heard my pastors and board teaching, either from the pulpit or in a small group.

This week, that changed.

"Before", it was actions that concerned me - having a "relationship" with a church that didn't believe the same things was not the same as teaching those things.

"Before", a relationship with a church in New Orleans could be spun as rebuilding a "community center".

"Before", I questioned the discernment level that would allow Family Firehouse Ministries' apostle and prophet to speak from the pulpit at Sunshine...

"Before", as long as Sunshine wasn't teaching those things, it was a matter of behavior (what they did) and not a matter of doctrine (what they teach).

This week, that changed; I received a reply from my church board of elders.

The first paragraph is a greeting, the second paragraph reads:

We want to uphold Pastor Brian's words of February 2006, that there are "some problems" with the doctrines of Firehouse Full Gospel Ministries, and that Sunshine Church is not "going all Pentecostal...word faith...or five fold ministry."

Read that again, and then take a look at the "Prophetic Healing Conference" held at Sunshine Church just last weekend.


Can you seriously tell me that a church that sponsors and hosts a conference with these speakers is NOT "going all Pentecostal"? This is being taught from their pulpit!

OKAY...one time...maybe.

Here's another one, coming up in September, again AT Sunshine Church: Be In Health. Main speaker, Henry Wright of Pleasant Valley Church, dedicated to the eradication and prevention of all spiritual, psychological, and biological disease. Secondary ministry is "Disease Anonymous".

Question: Do the conferences that this church sponsors, advertises and invites into its pulpit sound like a church that wrote to assure me that they are not "going all Pentecostal"?

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6 thoughts on “Letter From My Old Church Board – First Two Paragraphs…

  1. Sigh. . .Oh, Ellen. Where do you start with such a ridiculous statement?

    "Sunshine Church is not “going all Pentecostal…word faith…or five fold ministry.”"

    I think at this point it is undeniable that your pastors are either unwilling or unable to be honest with you about your concerns. They are not being square with you. Makes me wonder why they won't stand up for what they are doing. They want to invite all these people to the dance and then claim they are wallflowers; standing around the edges, not getting involved. Balony.

    "Be In Health. Main speaker, Henry Wright of Pleasant Valley Church, dedicated to the eradication and prevention of all spiritual, psychological, and biological disease."

    So are we to believe that this organization is setting out to do what Jesus did not do, did not promise and which the Bible makes clear will not happen until God gathers His church together and glorifies them together with Christ in Heaven?

    Sigh. . .double sigh. . .

    Poor Ellen. I admire you for standing up and questioning the direction your church is CLEARLY taking.

    (Ellen says: I couldn't do it without support.  This is something my daughter wrote on her blog: http://mzellen.com/2006/02/03/im-a-proud-mom/)  It seems clear to me and clear to others.

  2. Yipes. I looked at the pamplet for the Prophetic Healing Conference - yeah, it sures look pentecostal.

    Why do you think they are moving this way? Some sort of fascination with this stuff?

    (Ellen says: It almost seems like they've skipped the mainstream Pentecostal and gone right for the apostolic.  My gut/discernment says that there is one pastor that is driving this movement and he's pulling others in with him.)

  3. I have difficulty believing anyone who says they are a prophet. And I think I share a dislike for the word faith movement with you. I've been through similar circumstances and understand any frustration you may be feeling. so I'll pray for you.

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