Youth – Photo Scavenger Hunt

I feel uncomfortable posting photos of children who are not I'm going to turn again to one of my favorite places...

and one of my favorite sculptures.

The sculpture is called "Children of the World" and was done by Kirk Newman in 1995.

This group of statues truly catches a glimpse of all the world's chidren

Look carefully before you look at the rest of the photos...









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23 thoughts on “Youth – Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. Great photos! We have something similiar here at one of our favorite shopping centers. Take care. Dani

    (Ellen says: one of the sculptors has put statues up all over town and the Garden published a walking tour of downtown.)

  2. Wow - what a great place. I love the statues!

    (Ellen says:  this is one of my favorite places.  Indoors and out, the plants and statues are wonderful!)

  3. OMGoodness!!! This is one FABULOUS set of photos for us this week!

    My Saturday photos are posted. Come by, and see if you can guess who they are!!

    (Ellen says:  I looked and I can't tell...that little girl is very cute.  Thanks for stopping!)

  4. That is fabulous!

    (Ellen says: Thanks for stopping - I love the Children's Garden.  This has a fountain in the middle so when it's hot the "real kids" get to play!)

  5. Great photos and sculptures. Is this a tribute to children who have had some health problems as well as being a tribute to kids around the world?

    (Ellen says:  It doesn't specifically say that, but we noticed the brace and the little girl who has some Down Syndrome features.  Thanks for stopping!)

  6. You are lucky to have such a structure nearby so you can visit. This is very inclusive of all children. Thanks for visiting.

    (Ellen says: I work at a school that serves only severely impaired children.  Meijer Garden is only 2 miles away from school and the school has an annual membership.  Everything is "accessible" (except for the tree house) so we go there on a regular basis.  Thanks for stopping!)

  7. So lovely! I am a sucker for great statues. I'd love to go visit there sometimes. 🙂
    Happy Saturday and thanks for stopping by mine too.

    (Ellen says: I get so much enjoyment out of "hunting" - and visiting!  Next week's photo is all set to go and it's from the Garden also.)

  8. What a wonderful set of statues! it looks like they are made of copper, it turns this beautiful color outdoors... Happy saturday! 🙂

    (Ellen says:  I don't know what they're made of - copper seems right, though.  Thanks for stopping!)

  9. love it. great find. mines up too.

    (Ellen says: Thanks for stopping by - by the way, has anybody else experienced more SPAM- in the form of off-color jokes today? - is it the topic?)

  10. Very neat. Even more neat because you included some close ups! I've saw photos of this before but never saw it in real life.

    (Ellen says: I've never seen photos, except as part of the Garden  😉 

  11. This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it.:) This looks like a really neat place to relax and reflect on life as a whole.

    Regarding spam - hm - I get a lot of 'adult' spam, if you know what I mean. I am just glad I have a great plug-in :wink:.

    Have a blessed Satuday.

    (Ellen says: Meijer Garden has benches to sit all over the place - overlooking ponds and gardens.  It is a very neat place.  - I have the plug in, but I need to check before I delete because track backs are going there!)

  12. creative interpretation for this week's theme. mine's up! 😉

    (Ellen says: Thanks - I love the gardens.  The day I took this we had students with us and one of them wanted to get wet so bad!)

  13. what a great picture!!!
    I would LOVE to go there and walk around!!!!!
    Very creative idea!

    (Ellen says: It is a wonderful place...)

  14. A very creative choice!
    Good job!

    Mine's up too! Drop by!
    happy Saturday!

    (Ellen says: I look at other photos and think "why didn't I think of that?")

  15. Very interesting. Meijer Gardens looks like an interesting place to visit!

    (Ellen says: It's a great place - a little bit of everything and they have some good music also - an outdoor amphitheater, surrounded by statues and gardens...)

  16. Those are in Grand Rapids, right?? I went to school across the street from those gardens if so but I've only been there once for my best friend's wedding. Great idea for this week!

    (Ellen says: That must be...cornerstone?)

  17. What a cute picture. I have yet to go to FMG, can you believe that?!?!?! It is practically in my backyard, but I am too cheap to go!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!


    (Ellen says: You're right - it isn't cheap...I'm planning on my Christmas present to myself being an annual membership)

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