A big stress eating day...not good.


But I got my bike tire taken care of...maybe.   My back tire has a different valve stem and it doesn't seem to be quite long enough.  There's a screw thingie on it that I didn't know could come off and when it does, the tire will pump up all the way.

I also have really little tires that pump up to 145 psi.  the guy at the bike store says 125 should do it, but if I can get them to 145...nice.  So we'll try for 125 and see if that works.


The dogwood are blooming and the pollen is so bad it looks like it's eyes itch.


So...even with itchy eyes and a (hopefully) short meeting after school tomorrow, I'm taking my stuff to ride after school.


and politics...

this is from "Being Conservative" on facebook:

So we're sending 1200 UNARMED National Guardsmen to help secure our southern border. Only Obama could look at our border security problem and determine the solution is more paper pushers.

Podcast from "Livin La Vida Low Carb"

I like this: "I can't say that I won't eat sugar ever again, but I can say that I won't eat sugar for the next 120 days."

The podcast is talking about the similarities between drug addiction and sugar addiction - after eating a bunch of sugar, your brain over compensates (carb crash).

If you put some awareness about it, you can learn to understand the relationship between the way you eat and the way you feel.

Food journaling...not fat, carbs, etc.  Just write down what you eat and how you feel...and then how you feel an hour later...then you can see the connection.

Sugar - the most addictive substance on the face of the planet.

(note:  I've been off flour for a month and I feel good - the first few days was rough...maybe it's time to fight sugar)

Extreme  cravings?

Everything Starts With Breakfast

- blood sugar is naturally low - if you don't eat first thing in the morning, protein, your blood sugar will never stabilize.

Really had a tough time this week.

- I am learning that allergens do really bad things to me.

I overloaded on wheat yesterday and I'm having a really hard time with respiratory stuff.

- I learned that I should not even put 1 quarter in the candy machine

because that leads to putting 3 quarters in the candy machine.

- I learned that I need to fix my lunch the evening ahead of time

or else I'll put stuff in it that's quick, but not terribly healthy.

- I learned that I need to attach my keys to my lunch...

Or I leave it hanging on the door knob (which leads to the overload of wheat and quarters...

This is the really, really difficult one, because it's so easy to fall off that wagon and so hard to get back on.



Objective:  Focus on "The Primal Blueprint"

  1. Limit carbs to 100 grams a day, 6 days per week
  2. including 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables (heavy on vegetables)
  3. limit dairy to 1 serving a day
  4. restrict grains to oats and rice

Objective: Focus on "anti-inflammatory/anti-aging" eating

  1. make preferred and avoid food lists and carry in planner
  2. restrict "avoid" foods to one per day (working toward fewer)

Objective: Focus on "Blood Type Diet" (this should fit nicely, since it's very similar to the Primal Blueprint.)

  1. restrict "avoid" foods (dairy excepted) to no more than 5% of eating

Objective:  Enjoy the journey

  1. Eat foods I enjoy and don't force myself to eat food that I don't enjoy
  2. Cook one brand new recipe every week.

Objective:  Use the blogs

  1. Use the blogger blogs to track progress
  • daily food logs
  • blog through diet and exercise books
  • post new recipes
  • update weekly

    I was sleepy (groggy but cannot nap) and my head feels like it's stuffed with soggy cotton balls.

    I think it's the "post-vacation eating plan blues".

    I did not eat badly on vacation.  It is difficult to eat low-carb on vacation.  I ate plenty of veggies and fruit, but indulged in wheat and other higher carb goodies on days that I knew I'd be walking.

    But the first few days of low-carb (I'm shooting for under 75 net grams of carb per day) I feel a little mentally out of it.  I don't hit ketosis until around day 3 of under 50net, so I'm not planning on that.  Friday and Saturday I'll knock it back to 30net, then increase it again for the week.

    I am committed to eating a good mix of fruits and vegetables - and I can't do that on an "Atkins Induction" sort of plan.  Anything under 100 net grams of carbs is considered "low" and my endocrinologist put me at 135.

    Current restrictions:

    • no wheat
    • no milk
      • I will eat 1 serving of dairy per day, options are cheese, yogurt and kefir
    • no peanut butter
    • no potatoes (sweet potatoes are okay)
    • limit other grains (including rice)

    I'm going to be going "away" for a while.  A combination of driving time, camping time and most likely a hotel or two.

    How to do Atkins while camping?

    This afternoon:

    • hard boil a dozen eggs
    • make a list

    Breakfasts:  same as home

    1. Atkins shakes (add fiber)
    2. eggs (scrambled with veggies and cheese)
    3. full fat yogurt with berries and almonds/walnuts (add fiber)
    4. eggs fried in coconut oil, with salsa, guacamole and black soybeans


    1. packets of tuna with real mayo (not low fat), celery, onion and a little curry powder
    2. egg salad with avocado instead of mayo (sounds and looks terrible, but if you like avocado, it's good)
    3. hard boiled eggs, string cheese, fruit
    4. full fat yogurt with berries and almonds/walnuts (add fiber)


    1. chicken breast wrapped in bacon and topped with mushrooms.  Wrap it in tin foil and freeze.  Put in in the fire pit (in the coals).  When done, open and top with colby cheese.
    2. cubed steak, carrots, rutabaga, onions, celery, butter (if you added potato and flour, this would be the filling for a pasty).  Wrap in tin foil and freeze.  Cook in the coals.
    3. Kosher (and low sodium) hot dogs (no nitrites).  Slit open and fill with colby cheese.
    4. on skewers over the fire:  any combination of:  steak, lamb, pork, chicken, green bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, onion, carrots, celery, pineapple chunks, broccoli

    There will be one night on the road and one night in "town" - so restaurants.

    I'm going with the 50-60 grams of carb per day, so fruit is on the menu for snacks.